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UPC Launches Unique new Irish Horizon TV App & Horizon TV Online service

Company also boost Irish broadband speeds to record levels with a free upgrade to a minimum of 50 Mb

From the market leader in broadband speeds in Ireland, as part of its Summer Spectacular, UPC is today launching two ground-breaking initiatives. The first is the introduction UPC Horizon TV App and UPC Horizon TV Online service, free for UPC customers and the second will see it boost Irish broadband speeds to record levels with a free upgrade to a minimum of 50 Mbps for all UPC broadband customers.*

For TV lovers, UPC Horizon TV App and UPC Horizon TV Online service allows UPC TV and broadband customers to enjoy their favourite TV programmes on PC’s, laptops, mobiles and tablets for free.

UPC customers will have unique access to 45 channels across multiple devices, addressing growing viewership of TV content on other devices aside from the TV, reflecting that 11% of viewing is already on PC’s, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Another first in Ireland, the line-up will include all Irish terrestrial channels and the best of UK terrestrials including BBC 1,2,3, 4, UTV, ITV 2,3, 4 and Sky News, amongst others. In addition to the TV channels, UPC customers will also be able to rent the latest movies, and watch box set content using UPC On Demand.

The service gives access to channels that cover over 60%** of Irish peak-time TV viewership compared to only 7% of viewership on Sky’s equivalent service as published by Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

Another first for UPC in the Irish broadband market is to offer free speed upgrades to all its Broadband customers, and ramp everyone up to a minimum speed of 50Mbps. Putting this in context, the average non-fibre power speed of operators including eircom and Vodafone is 5.5Mbps based on latest Ookla stats. By contrast, 300K UPC Broadband customers will receive or be offered speeds of 50Mbps or more, without any upgrade fees or charges.

In conclusion, Mark Coan, Sales & Marketing Director, UPC Ireland said: “Our market strategy is to constantly set new standards by always bringing our customers products that are way better than the competition using the sheer power and speed of our fibre power network. With these two announcements we are making good on that promise by further enhancing the Irish TV viewing and broadband speed experience for UPC customers to make it even further ahead of others in the market.

“The Horizon TV App and Horizon TV Online service is the first stage in the introduction of the full Horizon TV experience from UPC, which will revolutionise TV viewing in Ireland.
In preparation, UPC is piloting the Horizon TV service with a number of its customers and will begin a pre-registration for the full Horizon TV experience from today.

To access Horizon TV Online – simply go to