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Nominate a ‘holiday housemate’ this summer – PhoneWatch

Burglaries remain high despite 10% fall

27 June 2018 As the summer holiday season gets into full flight householders are being urged to nominate a ‘holiday housemate’ before they jet off. The recommendation comes from PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading home safety company, who say that incidents of burglary are set to increase in the coming weeks.

Speaking following the release of the CSO’s quarterly crime statistics, PhoneWatch CEO Eoin Dunne said, “The good news is that burglary has declined so far this year with a 10% drop recorded in the first quarter. However, on average each year 6,000 burglaries occur nationwide during the summer months. This is almost 10% higher than in the spring and highlights the need for vigilance.

“The number of homes left empty during summer holidays presents an obvious opportunity for burglars. While burglary is always an upsetting crime, it is particularly unfortunate for those who discover one upon their return from a holiday.”

Holiday Housemate

According to Eoin Dunne the most important step to avoiding a holiday burglary is “maintaining an appearance that your home is occupied. Housing estates are often scouted in advance for signs that families are on holidays. Families and neighbours can support each other by acting as a holiday housemates, and keeping your home looking occupied during your holiday.”

A holiday housemate could spend as little as ten minutes a day minding your home and still make a huge difference. While it is not always possible to have a full time house sitter, there are a number of things your holiday housemate can do to make your house less attractive to a would-be burglar:

“These actions, coupled with a functioning monitored alarm system, ensure that your home does not stand out as an attractive target for burglars. Householders should also consider the fitting of smart plugs, allowing lights to be controlled remotely or by timers.”

Eoin Dunne concluded by reminding homeowners not to advertise their absence on social media. “Posting pics of cocktails by the pool or bags packed for the airport seems like an innocent activity. Unfortunately it is known that burglars monitor social media for clues as to who is away. Therefore it’s really important to wait until you are home before sharing your favourite holiday snaps.

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