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NDRC graduate, Soundwave, goes live on iPhone and Android

Steve Wozniak describes Soundwave as “a music product that fits my life so perfectly”

NDRC LaunchPad graduate, Soundwave launched its app today on iPhone and Android which allows users to instantly and easily share what music they are listening to on their phone and see what others are listening to on theirs.

Stephen Fry – a big fan of the app – will officially launch Soundwave in London next Monday (June 24th) at a major event in the flagship Apple store. Having undergone successful beta testing, Soundwave now launches worldwide on iOS and Android and in 14 languages. Along with Stephen Fry, other participants in the beta testing phase included Apple Founder Steve Wozniak who described Soundwave as “a music product that fits my life so perfectly” (see here:

Based in Dublin, Soundwave graduated from NDRC’s LaunchPad accelerator programme last year. Two weeks ago NDRC was also ranked as the ‘Top IT University Business Incubator for 2013’ by The Global Benchmark Report 2013 (see at end) and, as NDRC CEO Ben Hurley says, the progress of Soundwave highlights how NDRC helps commercialise ideas:

“Enabling new businesses to develop their products and create jobs and market value in the process is the story of NDRC. We are delighted for Soundwave and its founder Brendan who, with today’s launch, has taken a massive step in such a short space of time.

“NDRC provides the structured approach and support that startups will benefit from long after programmes like LaunchPad have concluded. In particular, we help refine entrepreneurs’ product offerings, research and identify their target markets, check their commercial and business projections and answer the requirements of the investment community to whom they will ultimately pitch for funding.

“Soundwave is a success story for NDRC and highlights the positive economic impact of targeted investments in innovation.”

Soundwave Founder and CEO, Brendan O’Driscoll, said:
“The foundations for Soundwave were laid during our time in LaunchPad and NDRC. It allowed us the time and space to refine the product and the access to NDRC mentors and alumni provided invaluable knowledge and insight. Through our involvement with NDRC, we gained the momentum that has brought us to the point now where we have launched worldwide on iOS and Android.”