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Mrs. Brown and her boys are Ireland’s favourite TV family – UPC survey

Del Boy and Rodney just pipped for the prize with The Simpsons coming third

A comprehensive survey into Ireland’s TV preferences by UPC has shown that, love them or loathe them, Mrs. Brown and her boys have been ranked as the country’s all-time favourite TV family.

The ‘UPC Favourite TV’ survey was conducted by market research company, iReach, who polled Ireland’s TV watchers on a variety of questions. Respondents were provided with a list of fictional TV families and invited to nominate any families not listed in the survey. The top five results show which clans Irish people love to watch:

1. The Browns (Mrs. Brown’s Boys)
2. The Trotters (Only Fools and Horses)
3. The Simpsons (The Simpsons)
4. The Fawltys (Fawlty Towers)
5. The Waltons (The Waltons)
(*Full survey attached below)

Interestingly, there was a gender split with men preferring Del Boy and Rodney Trotter while women plumped for Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs. Agnes Brown and family. However, Irish people are united in their love of comedy TV families, with four out of the top five shows coming from comedy, other entrants included The Pritchetts from Modern Family, The Gellers from Friends, The Royle Family and Family Guy’s The Griffins (see at end for more info on the results).

Nevertheless, not every family on TV tickles Ireland’s fancy with The Kardashians only receiving 1% of the vote leaving them near the bottom of the pile with only The Flintstones beneath them in popularity.

Commenting on the results, David Kent content development manager with UPC said,

“She may not be the traditional Irish mammy but, as the ‘UPC Favourite TV’ survey shows, Mrs. Brown is the head of Ireland’s favourite TV family. She doesn’t have it all her on way though as men prefer sitting down to watch The Trotters of Only Fools and Horses and enjoying a bit of ‘lovely jubbly’.”

“The survey reveals Irish people’s quirky and interesting TV tastes and it is clear that we really love our televisions clans. UPC is continuing to deliver for all our customers with more content being delivered for all those who love to watch families on TV.”


Results when asked “Who is your favourite ever TV family?

*Other category results: The Pritchetts (6%) The Huxtables (3%), The Kardashians (1%), The Flintstones (0%), The Doyles (1%), The Byrnes (1%), The Crowleys (4%), The Royles (6%), The Bundys (2%), The Bradys (1%), The Griffins (3%), The Sopranos (3%), The Addams Family (1%), The Gellers (4%), The Ewings (3%), The Malcolm in the Middle Family (3%), The Mitchells (1%), Other (5%).