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American Chamber of Commerce companies seeking 1,400 new employees

Annual Workforce Activation Survey shows continued confidence in the sector

4th July, 2013:  American Chamber of Commerce Ireland member companies have increased employment in their operations in the past twelve months and currently have over 1,400 vacant positions, according to the Chamber’s annual Workforce Activation Survey. The results of the survey, released at the Chamber’s annual Independence Day Lunch, show:

• Over 1400 positions are currently available in the 100 companies which responded to the survey

• The majority of companies (59%) said their company employed more people compared to this time last year

• 75% of respondents said they are currently advertising vacant positions

• Of those advertising vacant positions, 83% are at a similar or increased level to 2012

• 69% of companies are filling vacancies within 3 months

• Positions currently being recruited include; technical and engineering, sales and customer support and R&D

Announcing details of the survey, Mr. Peter Keegan, President of the American Chamber said; “The results of our annual survey are encouraging and point to continued confidence in the multinational sector which has maintained and grown net employment during the current recession. The quality of Irish graduates is widely recognised and the availability of a skilled workforce is critical to the continued attraction of Ireland as a location for US companies.

“In particular our workers have a deserved reputation for being well educated, highly skilled and flexible. This flexibility meant we were able to respond and adapt quickly to the very changed world we found ourselves in, in 2010. The adjustments we have made over that period would probably have been beyond the reach of most other developed economies.”

Mr. Keegan said that one area of concern highlighted in the annual survey was that of personal taxation. 53% of respondents said an increase in personal taxation would impact on potential future expansion plans. “Ireland has reached a tipping point and is now a high personal taxation jurisdiction which can affect investment decisions and indeed cause our best qualified people to look abroad for opportunities. If we want to retain and attract talent, we have to be aware of this effect”, he said.

The current international tax debate has put Ireland in the spotlight internationally however the majority of respondents felt the debate had not impacted negatively on Ireland’s reputation within their global corporation. 64% of respondents said they were satisfied with the Irish Government’s response to the challenges presented by the current tax debate.

“There is no doubt that the focus on Ireland has been unfair and the response to the survey suggests that in the corporate boardroom there is an understanding that Ireland operates a transparent and robust tax regime and companies operate in accordance with the tax codes of the jurisdictions in which they are based. It also points to the hard work of Government, the diplomatic corps and agencies such as IDA Ireland in defending our sovereign tax regime which is welcome.

“The challenge for Government now is to ensure that Ireland remains attractive to continued investment by foreign direct investors and that it remains competitive across all aspects – tax, talent and cost competitiveness. As a country we need to be planning now to ensure we offset the impact any future changes in international taxation agreements could have on that competitive offering”, he said.

For information on some of the American Chamber member companies currently hiring please visit: